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今日AFNでYou Were Meant For Meがかかってました。なんかうれしいね。

グラミーのノミネート発表されましたがいつもこれを見ると愛でられているSheryl Crowと
不遇なJewel Kilcherを対比してみてなんかセツナイ。
Patty Griffinが前作1000kissesに続いて最新作impossible dreamでもノミネート。

Best Contemporary Folk Album (Vocal or Instrumental.)

Educated Guess
Ani DiFranco
[Righteous Babe Records]

The Revolution Starts...Now
Steve Earle
[Artemis Records/E-Squared]

Land Of Milk And Honey
Eliza Gilkyson
[Red House Records]

Impossible Dream
Patty Griffin
[ATO Records]

The Unbroken Circle - The Musical Heritage Of The Carter Family
Various Artists
John Carter Cash, producer
[Dualtone Music Group]


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